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How I see Samus Aran's story
By SJD764

I am a very big fan of Samus Aran, and if you are too, you may very well saw how there are different interpretations of Samus Aran throught the Metroid Games and manga. There is so much in fact that one can come to all sorts of conclusions when it comes to her story -- from where she starts to where in fact she was last seen.
It's been 30+ years now that Samus Aran and the Metroids exists and Nintendo barely (if not at all) mentionned this fact. Sadenning for such fans like myself. I admit it, she is my favorite female superhero.
I decided to share my fandom of Samus by writing what I believe is her story according to what I've red, saw and concluded throughout the years.
Of course, I like to mention that I do not own Samus Aran or Metroid, so if Nintendo is reading this, please don't sue. This is merely a "thing" I decided to do as some sort of book report and to see if some other fans of this series might share my opinions and ideas.
Of course, I invite anybody to partake in this interpretation and write in their own ideas. The main goal here is to come up with a more concrete storyline while taking notice of the one that already exists.
But two points before I start:
1) English is not my first language.
2) There will be spoilers.
Enjoy the read.

Part 12 - Amongst heroes

Just as I did with Metroid Zero mission, this is, to me, my own analysis of the story that is beeing decyphered inside the game Metroid Prime hunters from Nintendo. I will not deform it, just add my own thoughts to create a more elaborate story than the one already existing to best fit the continuity of this analysis into Samus Aran's own history. A game is a game with it's own components. A story has it's own elements of narration introduced between events and that's what I enjoy doing here.
And just so you know, it's a doozey.

As I concluded by reading the Alambic prophecies, lore and history records throughout the game, these people dissapeared just as did the Chozo. Just like them, they had the power to become Living Sentient energy, but more so, they called it "Essence Transference"; which is as clever as they come. But just as important (if not more) they could actually engineer dimensions. This puts this race as evolved as was once the Chozo or the Luminoth in my book. Even maybe more.
They inhabited another galaxy called Tetra, into something called (conveniently) the Alimbic cluster before dissapearing. I imagine the fact that they also dissapeared without giving a sign left a bad taste in Samus' mouth. She might have thought that if the Chozo left their corporial mortal forms to become Living Sentient energy, following the example of the Alambics, then, if she can speak with some of them, maybe they would give her the answers MotherBrain couldn't -- the fact that they reached out telepathically to a Federation Empath may have given her such hope.
But there is one thing amongst all those facts that first struck me when coming to the planets of this cluster. The Shriekbats, the war wasps and the geemers. All those sound familiar, don't they. It's because Samus comes across them also on other planets in her home galaxy -- such as Zebes and Tallon IV, both colonised by the Chozo. Could these creatures migrated from one galaxy to the other? If so, how?
My way of thinking is that the Alambic were born before the Chozo. They were able to create dimensions, teleporters, and it seems they were capable of becoming pure energy before any other older species. How come? Well, there's the fact that they wrote that they were able to imprison Gorea centuries ago. Plural.

Here's what I believe.
From what I can tell, the Alambic society were humanoids capable of telepathy and telekinesis. For a time, they reached such a high degree of scientific knowledge (thanks in part to Arctherus, one of their greatest minds) that some could have become jealous of this. As a matter of fact, I can just see them assemble great buildings with the sheer power of their mind without even lifting a finger. In the game's epilog, when we finally get to see some of them, they are deprived of a recognizeable face (and barely any fingers). That, to me, is a sign that they reached such an evolved state that they see thoughts and attitude as a trait to differenciate each other like we do hair and clothes. They use these to sculp themselves a body that best fitted them and test these inside courts of stone to reach even greater heights.
They had an obsession to always evolve, higher and higher, whatever the means, and never settle.
Was space exploration important for them at some point? I believe not, especially if you have the capability to telepathically enter each other's minds to communicate. Maybe even explore through empaths from across the galaxy. I imagine them reaching a meditative collective state so as to explore other worlds without leaving theirs.
That just may be what the Celestial Archives might have been for.
Furthermore, the teleporters are just so they could bring artifacts, materials and so much more from one location to another; in the entire game, apart from the Oubliette, I only saw ONE Alambic ship inside the Alinos station. So I believe transport was not that much important for them -- certainly not with teleportation at their disposal.
But this brings up an important scientific phenomenon. In WW2, the allied forces used psychics to try and project themselves into ennemy territory. The ultimate spy. They called it Remote viewing, but some come to know it as Astral Viewing. It is believed by some that one's astral projection travels through a parallel universe called the Astral plains (think Doctor Strange, tm Marvel).
But does that make then explorers or voyeurs? There are facets of humanity one cannot comprehend without a clear knowledge of our history. There is much more than a culture than what can be concluded only after a first glance. And so one could find it usefull to not only go through space and dimensions to spy on other civilisations, but also through time itself.
Steven Hawkings once said something about time travelers. That (more or less) it is impossible. But it is, according to him, possible to look through time without beeing able to interact with the pass. Again, this would be possible only with massive amounts of technology. For those who saw the movie Interstellar (MILD SPOILER AHEAD), recall that it took the energy from the black hole itself to engineer the portal for Matthew McConaughey's character to interact through time, and think about the little he could do still.
And so we come to the Omega Canon.
As far fetched as it seems, the Alambic use the sheer volcanic force and magnetic energy contained inside one of their worlds (Alinos) to channel this sheer amount of energy to power the Omega Canon. With it, they could open portals throught space and time, accumulating the knowledge and fact from multiple worlds at a time. This done, they would amass it inside an artifact and send it through the teleporters to the archives. What they could use to perfect their world, they used. The rest was dilligently amassed and processed accordingly.
Already, this chain of thought might have created the six houses whose crests we see on most alambic installations, each of them with their own motives.

I believe the Chozo, in their explorations, encountered the alambic. I would go as far as to believe they grew jealous and tried their hardest to reach such heights as to strut their aquired knowledge with arrogance in front of each other. Maybe this is one of those encounters that led to the great Chozo war, I can't say. But then, imagine if you will if they could occupy their body without even having to depend on it. In a state of war, this would make their bodies as expendable as a helicopter or a tank. That's why, in the future, Samus faces Chozo ghosts and Phantoon; these are a clear result of their tampering and mishandling. I would even go as far as to say that this led to the loss of their homeworld, because the Omega canon, we know, eventually led to the loss of planet Alinos, their homeworld.
Just as well, this visit of the Chozo to the alambic cluster would bring the creatures such as the war wasps, geemers and shriekbats to their own world, or vice versa. The same way that plantlife or insects migrate through our own world. Think about the insect known as the earwig for example, or the Giant Hogweed (knotweed); they are not originally from North America.

I would even go as to theorize that the Chozo's visit to the Alambic world introduced mistrust amongst them. Imagine if you will the Chozo arrive, curious about interdimensionnal portals, and depart with stolen blueprints of this technology so as to win their war against other Chozo clans. If I were the Alambic, I'd start to feel some remorse and pay attention to their war. Furthermore, to use their Omega canon to open longer peep-holes and spy rather than to explore.
But this is where things start getting interesting for me, because we know the Alambic grew arrogant and even waged war against one another. The presence of Combat halls and rolling little tanks and turrets is a clear sign of this.
Here's where I think the story went : the Alambic, just like Star Trek (tm Paramount), began to study other cultures, when suddenly, they saw some fall victim to the Chozo. Earth or Bryyo beeing amongst them. "They will fall victim to their hypocrisy, just like we did." might believe some. "Corruption will fall onto them. We have to warn them, for their own safety. How could we not?"
While others believe that this was not their responsability -- Star Trek's Prime Directive. That this would bring unwanted attention to them and be interpreted to the Chozo as a declaration of war. Still, this is the first war I imagine them waging on each other. A morality war. Their society was -- to their eyes -- perfect because they learned from the mistakes of others. This came to a rough halt when the other Chozos came by to plunder more secrets. The alambic knew at that moment they had to discourage them to include them in their war and pushed back. General Almiiak (an alambic hero) declared victory and the Chozo had to retreat, never to bother them again.

But the bigger the paradise, the bigger the bubble. And so they built weapons to protect themselves from others. I believe Vesper was designed for this. Some might even go as to pretend that the use of the Omega canon was deemed dangerous by looking at the damage they were doing to Alinos, and that they should restrain from ever using it. For if there was such evolved creatures out there just as old as them but were falling into warfare, if THEY could spy on other cultures, what prevented other cultures to do the same with THEM using the exact same technology -- or even worst, to use their own technology against them?
Their first order was to prevent this using force fields. Different type of force fields in fact so that no ONE weapon could get rid of them all with one mighty swoop. Kind of like our Antivirus today that we use for our security on the net. In the alambic society, their collective minds IS the internet. So you could say that these forcefields are somewhat their version of Firewalls.
They also made a pact to not fall into active warfare and stockpiled their most dangerous weapons in the Vesper Defense Outpost, just to proove their good faith in front of each other.
Except, there are many schools of thought inside the alambic society. And so I imagine them using these forcefields to protect their own secrets. One step would be to hide key parts of themselves -- or past -- inside some artifact and to then lock this inside one of these forcefields for safe keeping. Insignias or crests were made as to better represent these factions.
These differences were what inspire such mistrust between them.
"Fear is the mind killer" said a character from the Dune saga, and so one could say that their fear brought their own nightmare incarnate : Gorea.

So that said, here we go...

Samus receives her orders through Adam which reads as follow : 1) Discover the meaning behind this mysterious telepathic message. 2) If the "Ultimate Power" can be secured, ensure Federation control. 3) If the power cannot be secured, ensure that it remains secret or destroy it.
From the get go, if you look at the list of Bounty Hunters (and if I was a Federation high general), there is much there to be fearful. You don't want Trace to get it; the Kriken empire would use such a tool to destroy the Galactic Federation. Spire has good intentions, but he's nonotheless alone against many who seek it. Kanden could use this to become a real menace, filled with tons of ego. Noxus could get even more zealous wielding such power. Sylux will sell it  to the highest bidder. Only Weavel, I believe, could become a menace to Samus in the immediate future because he could very well want revenge.

So Samus races towards the Alinos station, where this mysterious message originated from.
Very early, Samus finds that the beacon originates from a heavily damaged space station. Scans reveal forcefields all around and faint signs of life emaning from errand creatures roaming the corridors. Soon after landing, Samus can decypher Alambic lores thanks to Chozo/Alambic translations -- evidently, the Chozo and them met in the past. She so learns who they were, what they represented and finds that if she wants to learn more about this Ultimate Power, she has to search for artifacts. Throughout her search, she finds the origin of the message (she stops the beacon before others can pick up on it) and by rerouting power is able to open locked doors. Her quest leads her to a deserted classroom where stands a blue crystal which -- acording to scans -- contains an important alambic artifact. But as she approaches it, she is attacked by Psycho Bits. These little pests appear from engineered pockets of space through a portal. Samus has to destroy not only them, but also the doorway to stop them from perpetually coming in to attack her.
After defeating them, I believe on a storyteller's view, she scans them a second time and as such discovers that they are able to see spectrums of colours different than hers. So she modifies her own visor and discover a key cloacked near the crystal, also completely made of energy. By holding it, she releases the diamond-shape shield covering the artifact who reveal partially hidden spacial coordinates. But as such, lowering this shield made so other Psycho Bits from invading the station, disturbing even bigger creatures who are now eager for a meal. After defeating them, she discovers something called an alambic prophecy. It goes as follow: It is written that the Alimbic power shall materialize when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.
As she exits the room, Samus believes that she has to find more if she is to unsolve this puzzle.

As she is searching for other keys, an intruder appears, somebody visibly not of this galaxy. Through interaction between herself and her ship's computer, Samus finds out (through Federation database) that this is likely Kanden.
This beast is your regular Frankenstein's Monster. A biological and technological experiment gone wrong. I imagine him locked inside a lab for the longest time until he felt called upon by the telepathic message promising Ultimate Power and broke out of cryogenic sleep. Before she can say a word, he morph into a Stinglarva and flees away.
To me, this looks very much like the one we see in Metroid Prime Echoes (the Spyder ball guardian, the Pillbug) and so I cannot but imagine him as a failed experiment from the Luminoth in their war against Dark Aether.

Samus continues her quest, only to find him later on, retracing her steps, hoping to find something amongst what she red inside the classroom that would help him catch up to her. Her appearances vexes him and so he attacks her with Yellow energy spheres that ressemble Samus' standard beam; her scan reveal that they are registered as Volt Driver, with makes me believe that they are based on electricity.
In their fight, they manage to unlock a door. But Kanden is too seriously damaged to go through it and has to escape.
Samus is already intrigued by the weapon he used against her, the so-called Volt Driver. She asks the computer to do further research on it; if she knows enough about it, she may be able to shield herself from it's damaging effects. Instead, she finds that the Volt Driver could potentially short-circuit some of the force-fields around the station, granting her access to other areas.
"That's why he slithered away earlier..." she thinks. "If he would have engaged combat, then I may had found out about his weapon and it's properties." As such, she discovers that Kanden was occupying himself on reactivating a most intriguing technology : teleporters.
By finishing his work and stepping through, Samus finds herself facing other hidden places inside the station. One of them reveals another crystal, along with a cloacked key. Once unlocked, the artifact the crystal contained reveals the second half of the coordinates, which leads to another portal on the station. By using it, Samus soon realizes she left Kansas and is now -- according to her logbook -- inside another dimension. Something the alambic destribed by it's surroundings as a Stronghold Void, taylor made to keep one of the eight keys to the alambic canon."...whatever that is." Thinks Samus on the dot.
"The alambic possessed the power to create dimensions, she soons realizes. Is this the Ultimate Power the message mentionned?"
But to get to that Canon key, she has to battle an AI known as the Cretaphid... Version One. Of course, Samus prooves herself stronger than this creature, but as soon as she gets her hands on the first key, an alarm system blares out around her. She is reminded immediately of the countdowns she had to endure why fleeing Zebes and fearing for her life, not only does she leave the dimension, but the entire station altogether, destroying Psycho Bits along the way and a Guardian; a bio-mechanical beast design to stop whomever steals a key to the Alambic Canon.

By analysing the first key to the cannon, Samus discovers that it was fashioned on Alinos. So she decides to go down to this planet and continue her search there; "This is, after all, just a library. Who knows what I'll find down there". Still, she wonders who else might have heard the telepathic message before she stopped it.

As soon as she steps off her ship, Samus finds relics and ruins, destroyed by what looks like a volcanic apocalypse. There are creatures roaming everywhere, scurrying for food and dominance. There are multiple lores that speak of the alambic society, some diaries in the shape of energy ghosts that she guesses serve as warnings by the historians to whomever might come to visit this place. One continues the prophecy by saying : In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by a flash of Yellow Lightning. "Yeah, no kidding..." she thinks, recalling her ordeal with Kanden. After finding this, she eventually discovers her first alambic artifact on Alinos.
Samus is soon interrupted in her research by Spire. Scans reveal him to be another Bounty Hunter.
Spire is in fact a Diamont, the last of a golem-type alien race that lived on a volcanic world. His skin looks like solidified magma with crystals poking from his shoulders, chest and hands. As the lore goes, he is more or less like Samus; he became a Bounty hunter to find clues as to what happened to his people (to the difference is that he is a real Diamont while Samus is a human that lived amongst the Chozo). He uses against her an ancient weapon called the Magmaul, which is passed down from generation to generation by his culture, firing orange magma heat charges at her. Because Alinos has become roughly volcanic, I believe he was there, exploring the area for clues to his origins when he heard the message.
There was no way for her to converse with the agressive Diamont. She has to fight him off at every tour while discovering both keys and alambic artifacts. Only once all two in her possession does Spire attacks her. But Samus prooves to be too much for him and he rolls away, bleeding fiery goop. Samus can now proceed to her second Stronghold Void. This time, she fights against a security droid called a Slench. As with the Cretaphid, Samus prooves herself stronger than the monster, but as soon as she takes the second cannon key, a message comes to her... in her mind! "The canon holds the power". Moments after, once again, the entire dimension shakes. Samus exits the dimension, but is soon met with Weavel. 
From the get-go, this guy must really hate Samus. He worked for the Space Pirates, gathering information for them until suffering a deadly blow. I very much imagine him beeing on Zebes, in one form or another, and beeing rescued once Samus left the planet. For some reason, the Pirates saved him and cyberized him. His suit is said to be a collection of life-support systems. His upper torso can fly away while his legs transform into some sort of a combat turret. He wields a gun he calls the Battlehammer which shoots green grenade-like energy spheres.
"Hand over your key and I might let you live... after Zebes, you should find yourself lucky." But Samus refuses and has to fight him to get pass his blockade, fearing that the countdown extends to this entire planet. As she boards her ship and leaves Alinos, she finds that when the time expires, the planet is still there.
There are no explosions to be reported by her ship's sensors, nor bombs or radiations.
She then recalls the message inside her head. She knows she's not an Empath; she would have realized this when in training amongst the Federation's finest. "If I want further information, I have to find other keys. Maybe then will I know what this canon is all about."
Still, she wonders how many Bounty Hunters will join the hunt. "Maybe I need some weapons if I have to move faster, she concludes. These forcefields are preventing me from gaining further access. The alambics were at a time in a political war. Maybe I can find something inside this place called the Vesper defense outpost. Maybe they'll even be something about this canon of theirs... if not the canon itself." And so she heads for the outpost, as identified in the Alinos station.

It's while going through this place, filled with ammunitions and weapons, that Samus finds most of the weapons she will need throughout her quest. It is a fortress filled with locks and organic compounds that suggest a bio-neural computer system (we can see inside a maze patterns that look like a brain's surface). It's visibly brocken, or else it would have locked the entire compound, preventing anyone from seizing the weapons it holds. As such, the station is in decay and when engines failed (through lack of maintenance, obviously), some ammunitions exploded, damaging the main computer. 
Amongst this, a new passage of the prophecy : Yellow lightning shall strike with demonic fury upon the Greenwood. "There's that yellow lightning again..." she thinks.
She encounters also spores that remind her of the Metroids that I, personnally, find very interesting in their design. At first, they look like floating jellyfishes. Just as the Chozo bought along geemers and shriekbats without wanting to do so, they also took some with them; I imagine one attached to a power coupling, sucking on it's energy fluctuations. By bio-enginerring some and augment their capabilities, they created the Metroids we now know.
Why else would they be inside a Weapons depot?
She also finds some abandonned weapons. All are irredeamable, but Samus finds some information she believes might help her : they bare different crests of what she will come to recognize as the six houses of the alambic culture, and so can only answer only to someone from this house. Samus, not beeing of these tribes, can only refer to her ship to analyse them until she can find the missing parts she needs to hack the security seals, then replicate their mechanisms until she is able to use a somewhat similar imitation against the alambic's forcefields and locks.
NOTE : This is where the game and story become two things. As you may be able to recall, Samus (the player) has to run from one place to another to gain weapons systems similar (if not identical) to the ones the Bounty hunters use to get the lowdown on them. More importantly, these weapons open up doors and forcefields. In a game's concept, that is quite ingenious. But in a realistic concept, how logical is this?
Could the alambic create weapons that, in the future, will be used by the very ones who will work to free their sworn ennemy from his prison. It is more than likely that they wanted to produce different weapons for each of their tribe, and these were just as separate as they could come. The six bounty hunters that came after that just adapted their weapons to that of these tribes, expecting that this would work on a sufficient amount of forcefields and locks.
That's why I imagine Samus getting the opportunity very early to scan these weapons. She can use the cartridges (UA Expansions) but Samus cannot use the weapons themselves at that moment, because she is not a) an alambic (after the Chozo stole their dimensionnal rift technology, you'd think that the alambic use safer security measures for everything that could be accounted as weapons) b) a member of an alambic tribe and c) missing key components. So I imagine while she is running inside the alambic's ruins, her ship continue to analyse such weapons until she can find the missing parts needed to upgrade her arm weapon -- which she then can also use to her advantage, just as against the other hunters.
Instead, Samus finds the Battlehammer, which is a weapon also used by Weavel. Of course, I doubt Weavel beeing alambic. But I do imagine him like the Pirates he associated with. He arrived first in this Outpost ("Goody! Weapons!!" he might think), finding such a weapon and using it for his own demises.
One looks very much the same as her ice beam, but bares differences nonotheless that she knows will have to search for -- probably -- on Arcterra, the ice planet, where this Alambic tribe settled during the desintegration of Alinos. The same can be said about a weapon that uses extreme heat that ressemble the one Spire used against her. "He probably modified his own to bare the same frequency to open the force-fields he encounterred" she thinks. Once again, she finds that she may be able to hack it's system by finding components further down in Alinos. Another one is similar to Kanden's Volt Driver, but again, the lock itself does not respond to her, so unless she can snatch away Kanden's weapon or find other parts of a weapon used by the alambic tribe that used it, she won't be able to use it herself.
Using the Battlehammer weapon prooves itself usefull and she is able to get inside more rooms inside the outpost. She finds more lore about Alambic history, a war raged against something called Gorea, teleporters and propulsion canons.
She also has to fight a guardian and something called a Crash Pillar (a living biomechanical monster that escaped it's holding pen) before finding a new prophecy : Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its wake a Red stain.
Soon after, Sylux makes his first appearance.
Considered a thief by many worlds, including the Galactic Federation. Just like Weavel, he has a deep hatred for Samus, which I believe may be explained by the fact that, if you look at his specifics, he can also morph into a ball and leave mines in his wake. Maybe, just maybe, if it wasn't for the fact that he is a renoun burglar, he thought to be -- at the time -- the only one who stole this form of technology. Then came Samus Aran with a similar ability. So if she could teach the Federation to use such a transformation, this peculiar ability from him would be deemed common and his customers would buy it, leaving him out of work to dig through nooks and crannies for hidden treasures (that he would immediately devise a plan to steal). Fortunately, it seems they could not, but still, this did not dissipate his hatred. He uses a Shock Coil weapon which blasts his opponents with blue lightning. This technology was first tested by the Federation before Sylux stole it.
He uses his rifle against her, which her scans recognizes to be a weapon made by and stolen from the Galactic Federation. She gets the upper hand, but Sylux, fearing for his life, escapes aboard his ship, the Delano 7 -- also a stolen prototype from the Federation.
By continuing her search, Samus finds damaged energy cells to power bigger weapons, but also the artifacts necessary to access another Stronghold.
Once inside the void, I imagine Samus getting the feeling of Déjà Vu. Everything is the same as the two previous dimensions she visited. At the end, she again must fight against a Cretaphid. This Cretaphid is exactly the same as the one she fought before, except augmented with more weapons. It is so likely called Version Two. At the end, again, Samus gains a new Living Key, and a new message : "Do not trust your senses... they deceive you...". Soon after, again, the countdown tells her it's time to leave.

The designers of this game didn't make eight worlds to explore. They made four : Arcterra, Alinos, Alinos station and Vesper Defense outpost. Along with two categories of guardians, they made eight Canon Keys.
Here's what I believe this countdown does.
The alambic could open dimensions that manipulated space, time and reality. Still, they could not evade Gorea's invasion. So their handling of time and reality is limited. I imagine the smaller the dimension, the better they could handle the way time spans and reality inside it.
To me, there are in fact only TWO Stronghold voids (let's call them Stronghold C for the one containing a Cretaphid and Stronghold S for the one containing a Slench), containing FOUR Canon Keys, like inside a carrousel whose slots open depending on the Alambic Artifacts. The first time Samus entered Stronghold C, the Cretaphid attacked her, preventing her from getting the Canon Key it garded at that moment of reality. When it failed and the key was taken, a system occured turning back time to where the Cretaphid was still intact, eventually unlocking through the artifacts gathered by Samus another Canon Key. The Cretaphid then knew that it had to augment itself to protect this one, and so it did, becoming a Version 2 of it's previous self, thus creating a new Reality. The same could be said about the Slench. The main difference is that only the artifacts Samus collects turns on this mechanism; they shift time and reality inside the Strongholds. If she would to return to the one she visited in the past, she would find a new one in a state of dimensionnal flux.

Before Samus arrived, the six Bounty hunters discover their weapons to be only 1/6 uselful to open the forcefields. And so they followed Samus to the Vesper Defense Outpost. But Samus alone discovered the way to analyse and copy the other weapons they need to open more locks and Force fields -- her technology is all about adaptation. And so, most of the time, they find themselves on Samus' heals wether they want to or not. I would have gone as far as to say that they expect her and her adaptive capabilities to do all the work for them while trying to steal her obtained keys around every corner, competing against each other all the while.

Having found out that she already visited three of the four targets for exploration, she now heads towards the frozen alambic world of Arcterra, the second and outermost of the two planets in this sector. "If I am to visit more grounds under Alinos, I should visit some houses inside this place and maybe find some of their weapons for opening their forcefields." She might have taught.
Already, armed with the visor she stole from a Psycho Bit, her ship scans the area and tells her it detects now three (not two anymore) artifacts located in the vicinity. This, to Samus, is a sign that she is getting closer to another Canon Key. She now has as much goals as there are artifacts here : a) find the weapons that, by analysing, will help her get the necessary settings to open up locks and force fields, b) Find the Living Keys whenever possible before the Bounty Hunters get them, c) Stay alive. "Adam, she might think, you definitely gone and found me a real mission for me, haven't you." she might have thought.
From the very start, she finds the second verse of the alambic prophecies : With a voice of thunder shall the Greenwood burst into an Orange blaze. "There's that Greenwood again." she thinks.
The crest of another alambic tribe decorates entire walls, along with geemers and Shriekbats. "Could these come from my galaxy?" she thinks, but she is suddenly interrupted by shots fired. This soon reveals Noxus fighting against Trace, an ennemy that, according to her scans, belong to the dreadded Kriken Empire. "So there are six of them now... Strange... There are also six tribes. Coincidence?" she thinks.
Noxus is a Vhozon, a proud and nihilistic race. A regular high and mighty Supercop of the future. He just wants this Ultimate Power because the others want it and thus wants to prevent anybody from having it. He deems himself the only rightcheous Bounty Hunter to bare such a power and comes out as a zealot to me. He fires a weapon, the Judicator, with is somewhat similar to Samus' ice beam but coloured purple; when he yells freeze, he means freeze.
The other, Trace, represents the Kriken empire which, to me, makes me think of a red ant hive. They seed terror across the galaxy and is said to be the Federation's greatest threat. Their greatest contenders are exiled at a very young age and have to claim new worlds on behalf of their people to be re-introduced as heroes into the fold of their society; the bigger the world, the bigger the rewards. Trace is on such a mission, and this Ultimate Power surely interests him. He wields a sniper's weapon, the Imperialist, which fires a long-range red beam. This alien can also cloack.
Samus' first instinct is to team up with Noxus to fight Trace. She knows of Noxus and wants to appeal to his sense of justice against the Kriken. But Noxus also knows of her. "Samus Aran, he says over the noise. You have been condemned by the Galactic Federation for steeling the prototype ship Red Manta and furthermore engaging an ennemy alone, without orders. You will surrender your alambic Keys and escort yourself to your ship until you've reached Galactic Federation and be given the proper judgment by your pairs..."
A plan reaches Samus' mind. Instead of pointing out that his info is out of date, she retorks : "I'd rather join the Kriken."
"Treason towards a representative of the law... Inexcusable! " belows Noxus. He still is no match for Samus and has to flee. As does Trace. But by firing at close range to her, Samus now has the frequency used by his weapon and will soon enough be able to incorporate it to her own.
Samus pushes forward. In one room, she finds the folliwing historical record. "For generations, out superior military capability deterred all ennemies. A renewed sense of peace allowed us to return to our natural philosophical pursuits." She finds this resonating with her and her history with the Chozo. Soon after, she finds a new cloacked key and it's artifact on the level below.
As she looks at a crest of the tribe that hid here, some sort of giant spinning horny S, her computer tells her it's done analysing Noxus' weapon and sends her the information to modify her own to imitate the Judicator's Supercold Plasma with her very own Ice Beam and her Plasma Beam -- the same she used against MotherBrain's Metroids and the Plasma beam obtained with the Omega Armor. With them, and a databank found nearby indicating the proper frequency, she can now open new locked rooms. Not only that, but this frequency makes it so that her beam can now bounce against walls.
By rolling inside a frozen lake, she finds her third key, and then to her third artifact that open up a new teleporter. She now goes through a new Stronghold and battle against a new version of the Slench. Soon after vanquishing it, a new telepathic message is sent to her mind : "Our people are gone, yet we remain..."
A rumble tells her it's time to leave. But as she gets to her ship for safe measure, she is attacked by Trace, alone this time. His weapon, the imperialist, is highly precise and although his timing couldn't be worst, she can barely scans it to get the needed frequency. "Finding the recipe for a Quantum Cascade will be the hardest. More information needed." will ask her computer of her afterwyse.
"More information needed... that's not a bad idea." Thinks Samus who then proceeds by heading back to Alinos station -- still intact after last time's countdown.
Samus now has four Living keys. She needs more info if she wants to find the four others, and where else to find them but where all of this started.

Samus' search expand through other -- or rather further -- regions of the Alambic cluster until she finds the other missing parts needed for her to construct imitations of the Magmaul, Shock-Coil, Volt Driver and Imperialist. She visits the brocken bridge of the Alinos station, as well as a labyrinth of floating platforms and teleporters to find keys and artifacts.
She finds other history records of the Alambic war, but none as formidable as the war against a creature called Gorea.
It is said that Gorea crashed on Alinos, but what if in fact he exploded through a rift on Alinos, creating something of a crater that -- in all shapes and sizes -- is compared to a meteorite crashing?
I will get to the Luminoth in part 14, but what you can expect from it is that the Luminoth faced their ennemies from a mirror universe. Their worst nightmare. Just as the Alambic, they were loosing (until Samus came round). But WHAT IF Gorea was the nightmarish incarnation of the Alambic's worst nightmare. A mirror image of their arrogance.
The alambic use every tool they have to fight him and couldn't win BECAUSE, in MY opinion, what they did not (or could not) understand is that Gorea WAS them. Their darkside created by their own collective consciousness. The same way repression creates demons, eventually, Gorea was born. At one point, they compare him to a cancer, which means that he is more than a computer virus than corporeal. He was able to suck their essence as an etheral ghost through their mental version of the internet. But no weapons have any effect against him.
What Samus learns is that in one last attempt, eight heroes use every strengh they can, pulled from each and every amount of energy from their people to encage Gorea inside the Seal Sphere. They went two steps further and put him inside a prison -- The Oubliette --, then put this ship inside a dimensionnal rift.

A dimensionnal rift let's me believe that the Alambic were scared that, if he stood in the same dimension as them, he might call upon his people for help.
Unfortunately, using the Omega Canon was the last straw for Alinos. The war left it blistered and cracked, and opening this rift made life unbearable on it.
Furthermore, they had no body to return to; to create the Seal Sphere, according to their lore, they used all their psionic energy. So once this was done, the Alambic opted to leave this graveyard, leaving only datashades (blocks of data in the form of energy), ruins and rare artifacts.
But as their heroes wanted to do the same, because dealing with time and space to an irrealistic scale, they came to the realisation that Gorea could very well escape still.
And so, the last remaining Alambic decided to guard Gorea in the form of Keys.

Unfortunately, Gorea used time at his advantage. He used the energy of his prison itself to send out a message through space and time : " The secret of the Ultimate Power resides in the Alambic Cluster". He relies on greed to ensnare other races to come seeking this power, while unbeknowns to them, this so called Ultimate Power is the very cell sealing his powers. They'll have to use the eight keys to have the chance to get close enough to it, and so to him, and thus as the valorous warrior seeking this power will approach, he/she will try and take this power for himself/herself and end up liberating him in this operation.
His luck pays out, eventually, as no more than seven heroes come seeking this power.

Samus eventually comes upon the last parts of the Alambic prophecy, which state : "The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of Blue smoke.",
"Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the geometry of Violet crystal." and "When the Red Stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient Alimbic power be manifest."
Just as well, after obtaining the last four Canon keys do the messages occur again : "...the cancer tried...", "...lost, we are all...", "...end was upon us all..." and "Alinos holds the key to the Ultimate Power..."
Samus, in her great intelligence, realized that she was holding pieces of a more complicated puzzle than left to behold. That it's the keys speaking to her. That they are indeed alive. Furthermore, that the Prophecies can be put together to form a long sentence, and thus she recalls the six frequencies.
We can already see a pattern there, and so does she : yellow, green, orange, blue, violet, red.
She turns towards the Cannon keys she collected. Eight keys. Eight heroes. "the cancer tried" One said. Which means it didn't completely succeed. "lost, we are all" said another. Lost, as in separated. "end was upon us all" An end, but not necessarily death... a history lore recalled the Alambic left! "Alinos holds the key." and so Samus races for Alinos because she realises that's where the Ultimate power is. That's where the Canon is. And the Canon is litterally HOLDING the Ultimate power, as in keeping it from the rest of the universe.
And that this Power is the Seal Sphere.
Once inside the designated room, she discovers one last portal. By going through it, she is led to the Alambic Canon, a immense machine built in the center of a vast wasteland. On it's walls, she at last discovers it's secret. This machine opens a portal to an infinity void where the Alambic built a prison-ship on which they left Gorea inside his prison, the Seal Sphere.

Samus wants to get out of there. She wants to race back to the Galactic Federation to get more security for this weapon when she recalls the six other bounty hunters. Her orders were to destroy it. But before she can do anything, the eight keys react; each one of them flies away from her energy storage compartment and lock each other into designated slots, activating the Alambic Canon. The Canon reaches to the sky and opens the rift from where the Infinity void appears. Samus is left barely any time to reflect as she sees the six Bounty hunters rush towards the Prison-ship Oubliette floating inside the rift.
"They don't know, she thinks. It's a trap. But the Alambic knew. They prophesized it."
As she races herself towards the Oubliette, Samus finally sees the signification of the Prophecy. How it was speaking to HER all this time.
In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by a flash of Yellow. Kanden's Volt Driver. Her first encounter.
Yellow Lightning shall strike with demonic fury upon the Greenwood. Weavel's Battlehammer. 
With a voice of thunder shall the Greenwood burst into an Orange blaze. Spire's Magmaul.
The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of Blue Smoke. The Delano 7. Sylux's ship, which she saw emitting blue smoke.
Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the geometry of Violet crystal. Noxus' Judicator (freeze).
Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its wake a Red stain. Trace's Imperialist when he fought Noxus.
They are the six frequencies she used all of this time throughout her quest. "The Alambic knew. This means something." She thinks. "They said that the cancer tried... yet, the eight succeeded. They must have had a backup plan. What about this Omega Canon."
Once aboard the Oubliette, Samus finds more data concerning Gorea. The eight heroes used his greed of power against him, just as he used the same to lure the six bounty hunters to him -- he appeals to what he knows best; the darkside of progress. It so appears to her that there was a backup plan, just in case Gorea gained his freedom.
As Samus arrives in the main hall, she realizes it's too late. She see the six bounty hunters becoming the worst fear of the eight elders. From this room, Gorea was able to speak individualy to each of them, turning them against each other even more. In the chaos, the monster fed on their energy so as to break free from his prison. Immediately, six coloured panels around the room suddenly lose all of their brightness. Gorea is now free. Shocked, the six hunters forget about their squabbles and try to attack Gorea who suddenly swallows their soul, leaving dead husks before turning to Samus. She bears the six frequencies inside her arm canon and the energy signature of the eight elders inside her. And so, without a word, he attacks her.
Samus realizes two things while evading Gorea's attacks. The sphere was kept in place by those six coloured panels across the room. Secondly, Gorea is attacking her, stronger than ever, thanks to the powers of the Seal Sphere (now the main light source inside the room), created to hold him prisonner. Her first idea would be to attack him, while trying NOT to hit the sphere, for this jail has to be preserved to lock him in again. But the first message suddenly comes back to her : "Do not trust your senses... they deceive you..."
The prophecy has to be fulfilled.
Samus has to energize the six coloured panels. If the Alambic were the ones to create the Seal Sphere, these pannels sustained it through the millenias. She first shoots the yellow one with her Volt Driver who then spins back to life. Then the Green one with her Battlehammer. The Orange one with the Magmaul. The Blue one with her Shock Coil, the violet one with her Judicator, and finally the red one with her Imperialist. The prophecy furfilled, the Seal is suddenly re-energyzed, but sucks in both Gorea and Samus inside.

In the game, Gorea and Samus find themselves in another arena to fight. By it's shape, I gathered the player and Samus are then INSIDE a spherical room. Samus has to get the Omega Canon at the bottom to harm Gorea and finally defeat him. But again, if this weapon able to kill Gorea, why place it in the sphere?
This is my belief...
Gorea is imprisoned again, but with the strengh of the six bounty hunters, he is able to break free again. Samus has to defeat him for good this time.
She has to recall the first and last part of the prophecy : "It is written that the Alimbic power shall materialize when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence [...] When the Red Stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient Alimbic power be manifest." The eight elders knew the risks and prepared their hero for such a situation. The coloured panels materialized a converging device for Samus. She scans it and discovers that it has the ability to fuse all six frequency to one giant cannon.
Samus saw that the Judicator, because it was made of ice, worked wonders against Spire, because naturally overheated. The opposite worked against Noxus. Each bounty hunter had each other's Achille's heel in the battlefield. Now that they supplied Gorea with all of their powers to his disposal, he also inherited their collective Achille's heal. Samus would have to converge every beam against him to strip him of all of his last powers.
Gorea uses every frequency against Samus, including cloaking like Trace. But armed with the coupler, Samus finally is able to defeat the monster. She is trusted out of the Seal, as are the six Bounty hunters' soul who, dazed, return to their respective bodies. Although none of them have the time to realize what has transpired that the Oubliette is shaken from all corners. The void is shutting itself, and them with it!
All escape the Prison-ship and the Infinity Void dissapears behind the seven ship. But as Samus flies away, she is thrusted into a vision where the eight Alambic elders bow and thank her for understanding their warning and defeating Gorea. "You have done by yourself what we, the Alambic, could only done through sacrifice." they whisper.
Samus smiles to them. Her ship heads back to Federation territory. She has a long way back, but one big report to write.

If you're still interested in my adaptations and analyseses, I'll see ya in part 13.
How I see Samus Aran's story
By SJD764

I am a very big fan of Samus Aran, and if you are too, you may very well saw how there are different interpretations of Samus Aran throught the Metroid Games and manga. There is so much in fact that one can come to all sorts of conclusions when it comes to her story -- from where she starts to where in fact she was last seen.
It's been 30+ years now that Samus Aran and the Metroids exists and Nintendo barely (if not at all) mentionned this fact. Sadenning for such fans like myself. I admit it, she is my favorite female superhero.
I decided to share my fandom of Samus by writing what I believe is her story according to what I've red, saw and concluded throughout the years.
Of course, I like to mention that I do not own Samus Aran or Metroid, so if Nintendo is reading this, please don't sue. This is merely a "thing" I decided to do as some sort of book report and to see if some other fans of this series might share my opinions and ideas.
Of course, I invite anybody to partake in this interpretation and write in their own ideas. The main goal here is to come up with a more concrete storyline while taking notice of the one that already exists.
But two points before I start:
1) English is not my first language.
2) There will be spoilers.
Enjoy the read.

Part 11 - Home

So... where would Samus go now that Zebes has been bombarded into two giant craters? Her home is in shambles and she has no significant sense of ownership with either known Chozo installations -- one is destroyed and the other one is said to be poisonous. The Galactic Federation is filled with people who would easily take her for granted or try and manipulate her.
She does not feel like a soldier. The Omega armor would put a lot of attention on her and that would make everybody around her in danger. And she certainly doesn't feel that sharing the adaptive Omega technology is the right way to go.
As these thought swirl in her head, I imagine then a Federation ship, along with many smaller attack vessels, approach Zebes' orbit. A science officer Samus talked to while at the base came to Adam concerning the message inside the Wallnut ship, and when Adam tried to question Samus about it's significance, she was gone. Security details showed her stealing the Red Manta. As for the direction, a Federation Empath could have given such details.
Adam deployed a fleet to the planet, fearing that Samus already started the attack without them. Now, the fight is already over and Samus is found in an escape pod.
While the fleet is slowly making route towards what's left of Zebes' surface, Samus is brought into the cargo hall where she immediately faces Adam with her newly obtained Omega suit, "You should get away from me." she says bluntly.
---"You dissobeyd orders, snaps back Adam, hands behind his back, without even flinching. You hid information that concerned the Galactic Federation, stole Federation property, acted like a vigilante. You should be court-martialed."
---"Maybe I don't want to be a soldier anymore."
He asks is surrounding to leave the room. Once alone, he takes a look at her suit.
Samus now guesses where his intentions lie and lifts her arm cannon against him. At that moment, she is slowly becoming the true stoic we come to know.
---"You have every reason to be doubtfull of me. I know what admiral Monroe did. There are people inside the Federation that elevates themselves for their own purposes and ambitions. You became a pawn in their game from the first moment you landed amongst us. Samus, remember what I said to you. I said that I would help you. I did in fact in more ways that you might have known. I pleaded to admiral Dane for a Federation Empath to monitor your meetings with the higher courts. I knew that the real b*stards would eventually show themselves, but their thought would have to be clear. Monroe denounced himself and several people when he tried to frame me from beeing apart of this inner-cicle to your eyes. He has now been arrested and is awaiting his trial, confined to his home until then.
This brought a lot of attention towards my command and it left me with the responsibility to order the assembling of a staff dedicated to the preservation and control of ancient technologies. Aurora Units will be placed in most areas where order and morality has to be maintained, away from devious eyes. We have already started such procedures on Elysia. What happened with you and the Chozo isn't going to repeat itself anytime soon, unless some underhanded general finds a way to undermine the Archeological-scientific community or Federation empaths."
Seeing her slowly lower her weapon reassures him, but she still won't give him the time of day, nor makes a move towards him. "I want to give you something back..."
And so, at that moment, I imagine Adam giving the new Wallnut Chozo ship, fitted for her personnalized human comforts. "I ordered that it was to be completed especially for you in the past hours. You will find yourself now able to interact with you and your armor on any level, may it be energy or information. It will analyse what you encounter, cross every input with that already assembled by the Federation throught it's database and attain worp capabilities. It is registered to your name and answers to the classification of Hunter-class Gunship, althought it's more like a very small starship by definition. It's yours, if you want it."
---"I do not believe a soldier can be equipped with such a vehicle, returns Samus, almost cynical. If I were to return to the Galactic Federation..."
---"You'd be confiscated this ship until the jury ends it's quarry with admiral Monroe and your court-martial."
---"I guess you want me as a consultant on Chozo technology for your team..."
---"Your ship, althought small, can easily contain such a team. Maybe even find yourself a home to call your own."
A part of Samus longs for some company. But because now armed with the ultimate weapon, the Omega armor, she knows this could put her team, nomatter how strong, in danger. She distrusts the Federation, and even Adam, for making an Empath spy on her; for a time, she was just as much a pawn to him to unmask the bad eggs inside the Federation than she was playing under Monroe's influence. She cannot not imagine a spy infiltrating her team just as much as one did on K2L; if ever she was to discover something of great importance, something she would want to keep under wraps for a time, the whole ordeal could start all over again.
"I was thinking more like becoming something like... an independant bounty hunter." she says.
Adam knows that he'll get into trouble for giving Samus back her ship, and even that letting her go without her account on the events on Zebes, a testimonial for Monroe's actions, and furthermore evading a court-martial. As a bounty hunter, she will be protected and permitted to keep her Gunship as long as she accepts Federation contracts. If she ever turns her back and commits random acts of terrorism, offer her services to ennemies or renegade nations, or planning attacks against them or their people, she will be brought down and everything she owns stripped from her, even if prooven useless.
---"I thought you might say that, I think Adam would say. So as your first mission... we caught some strange message from one Empath about some sort of relic in the Tetra galaxy, somewhere inside the Alimbic cluster. The alimbics were an ancient species, so this might be right up your alley, with the Chozo and all. But what's strange is that it could have been perceived from any Empath -- we have more than one... I won't tell you how much, that's classified information. But it was perceived by the very one who volunteered to track you. That makes me believe that this message was intended for you. " He hands her a padd with all the gathered information. "You might be in for some competition already, but if you want to distinguish yourself at an early stage as a bounty hunter, you'll have the opportune chance to make your mark. What do you say, lady,... Are your objectives clear?"
I imagine Samus taking the padd, reading the premise, look at adam, nods, then heads for her ship. Inside, she finds everything for her comfort. She dubs it home and then takes off for a new mission.
Between them, she hopes to find some clue as to the wearabouts of the Chozo and contradict what MotherBrain calculated; will she one day have to fend off the Federation from becoming a tyranny? Is she doomed to be forever alone?
Until then, she will be the line between chaos and order.

My analysis of the Game Metroid Prime Hunters is next. ;)
How I see Samus Aran's story
By SJD764

I am a very big fan of Samus Aran, and if you are too, you may very well saw how there are different interpretations of Samus Aran throught the Metroid Games and manga. There is so much in fact that one can come to all sorts of conclusions when it comes to her story -- from where she starts to where in fact she was last seen.
It's been 30+ years now that Samus Aran and the Metroids exists and Nintendo barely (if not at all) mentionned this fact. Sadenning for such fans like myself. I admit it, she is my favorite female superhero.
I decided to share my fandom of Samus by writing what I believe is her story according to what I've red, saw and concluded throughout the years.
Of course, I like to mention that I do not own Samus Aran or Metroid, so if Nintendo is reading this, please don't sue. This is merely a "thing" I decided to do as some sort of book report and to see if some other fans of this series might share my opinions and ideas.
Of course, I invite anybody to partake in this interpretation and write in their own ideas. The main goal here is to come up with a more concrete storyline while taking notice of the one that already exists.
But two points before I start:
1) English is not my first language.
2) There will be spoilers.
Enjoy the read.

Part 10 - Zero Mission

From the very moment Samus lands on Zebes, you can see that the ship is different from the other games -- the wallnut ship. That is because, to me, it isn't. As you might have red from my previous chapters, it is a prototype of a Chozo ship designed by the Galactic Federation. It doesn't even look like a human made ship, imh.
From the very first screen, you can read that her mission goes as follow : Emergency order. Exterminate all metroid from planet Zebes... and defeat the mechanical life-form. Mother-Brain.
The difference now is that Samus gave herself this order from the very start. She could very well plant this message and only say she was following orders. She knows the Space Pirates will be on Zebes, but if she destroys MotherBrain, all of them will loose interest in this planet (project) and leave. And so she came to this conclusion for the better of the Galaxy.
But if you were to follow my own interpretation, you would see that from the very moment Samus arrives on Zebes, there are no Space Pirates. Only mutations and genetic creations.
First of all, amongst the first words that appear in the game, Samus writes (as a recollection) : "Planet Zebes... I called this place home once, in peaceful times, long before evil haunted the caverns below. Now, I shall finally tell the tale of my first battle here... My first Zero Mission." With what I've written so far into my own interpretation of the lore, you could just say "[...] tell the tale of my first battle here... My first Zero Mission." ;)

MotherBrain, in her growing paranoia, did in fact create an environment of social and military turmoil. This led Kraid to rely more on his pets/creations instead of lesser intellect that consists of the Space Pirates left under his orders from Space Pirate HQ. After all, Space Pirates are just that : pirates. They rummage, steal and, worst of all, betray and kill. The best way for Kraid to ensure the safety of MotherBrain until the destruction of the Galactic Federation and Samus are to leave her locked-up inside Tourian and hide himself from any Space Pirate willing to gain appeal and betray him and Ridley.
To him, since now that the secrets of cloning and genetic manipulations are now known to them, the Space Pirates already under his orders -- and that have heard MotherBrain's proposal of tempting a coup against their leaders -- have become expendable. There are plenty enough dangers and monsters across Zebes to stop the Federation soldiers and Samus when they come. So until they are ready to attack, and before they are betrayed, Kraid takes the decision to kill every pirate on Zebes under his rule, feeding them to their beasts, just as MotherBrain predicted he would.
This pushes Ridley to get to a ship before thinking Krai might betray him also -- suspiciously. "I, um... I have to organize the fleet for the attack on the Galactic Federation... you know... these guys are helpless without us, I mean, am I right?" he might have said to Kraid.
And so Samus enters a world that's been locked on itself, filled with fear and danger. She needs both missiles, super-missiles and mines to get through every pathways and corridors on her way to MotherBrain.

The Alpha suit already has most weapons that she already trained with. It only lacks the amount of energy to get those options available for her as she goes through Crateria, Brinstar and Norfair. Fortunately, she remembers that MotherBrain left statues depicting the Chozo holding a ball -- MotherBrain's surveillance spheres and flying tools where they can charge up. Through them, Samus gains more energy to activate weapons and proceed ever so powerfull through the course of her mission.
The SkrewAttack, Shinespark and SpeedBooster are effective, relying on a temporal shield that her suit generates, but she encounters some blueprints to some weapons that are incompatible to her armor. Samus barely gives it any attention. Only MotherBrain is important now.
She encouters monsters and genetically augmented creatures such as giant sidehoppers, the larvas the Chozo named KiruGiru, and the monstrous Imago which is born of it. The plantlife (X-39) she once knew ate those wasp-like creatures (especially when they were smaller, as the zeb) are now giant and eat everything. The bite of certain parasites have become lethal until she can gain enough energy to summon the Varia features. The KingWorm and Mua let her believe that MotherBrain has been busy creating some guardians for herself in the absence of Space Pirates. Finally, the amount of acid ponds and underground lakes leave her to believe that the Space Pirates and MotherBrain have developped crude pockets of environments for developping bigger and more hostile creatures of Zebes.
When she meets Kraid, she recognizes a life-form not of Zebes. I imagine him laughing at her : "So! Here you are! MotherBrain's worst fear! I knew you'd come. Only, I thought that you'd come with your new friends of the Galactic Federation. This changes everything. How about we make a deal : Disconnect MotherBrain from Zebes intranet and I will tear every secret out of her neurons. Everything you ever wanted to know without the hassle of letting her bore you to death with her fears."
Of course, Samus doesn't listen. She recognized a way leading to Tourian blocked by a stoneface representing him with the message of MotherBrain inviting the Space Pirates to kill him and Ridley to open the doors. She kills him, just as she did her biggest pets. But in his dying moment, Kraid calls upon Ridley. First of all, he wants to warn him, but then remembers that he left him in this time of need. So before composing a message, before dying, he only says : Samus Aran is on Zebes. With any chance, he believes Ridley will believe Samus to be with the Galactic Federation and so, will arrive to save their work with the entire Zebesian fleet as a safe precaution.
Ridley does hears it, but does not know she is alone. He turns the Space Pirates Mother Ship and a hefty garnison of warships towards Zebes.
Plans for the invasion of the Galactic Federation will have to wait, he mutters. So the metroids are returned to the Space Pirates Homeworld... until the next time.
Ridley encounters Samus soon enough, but he doesn't recognizes her, which surprises our heroin. But she battles the Space Pirates' leader nonotheless (believing trauma might have given him amnesia) and wins. Her revenge furfilled at last, she now seeks to destroy the metroids and MotherBrain.

The doors leading to Tourian unlocked, her power armor charged up to almost maximum efficiency, she enters a room where she soon enough encounters the metroids. Fortunately for her, the Alpha armour adapts itself to situations and foreign weaponry, nomatter it's form. When visiting Crateria, she visited a deserted lab belonging to the Space Pirates where she got ahold of notes from the Space Pirates. She discovered that these creatures were vulnerable to ice weapons. She gets her hands on such weapons and converts it to work with her own arm cannon. Thanks to this, she runs through Tourian, freezing and destroying every metroid she encounters, along with many Space Pirate cadavers on her way; these are left there as a reminder of MotherBrain's first signs of insurrection against Kraid and Ridley -- as you recall, their job was to assist her cloning metroids. This accomplished, she didn't need the Space Pirate science team anymore and killed them, thus making sure (or so she thought) that she was the only one with the Ultimate Weapon.
As she is preparing for her battle, MotherBrain calls upon her : "Samus, you were right about the Space Pirates. I should have listen to you. I made a mistake. But so did you. By joining with the Galactic Federation, you created an even bigger monster. Don't you understand, Samus : THEY are what's to become the Great Living Menace against the galaxy. Just like the Space Pirates, they are hungry for technology, not only to better themselves, but there are some that are in this only for themselves. There are admirals and generals amongst them that, from the very start, since K2L actually, wanted nothing more than to gain an advantage to pursue their own agenda. Ridley predicted it. They are as deeply burried inside the inner workings of the Federation as these faults are inside the human heart. But I could help you find them, Samus."
---"How do you know about transmissions from K2L?" she asks.
---"Samus, I am sorry, but just like you, I could not decypher who amongst the colonists were to be trusted or not. I have knowledge that can topple worlds Samus. Those humans (the FDC) could use it to conquer these worlds."
---"And so you killed them all!!"
---"I did nothing of the sort. Ridley killed them, ensuring that the worst of humans could not get a single hand of Chozo technology. They are the great menace, Samus. That's why the Chozo left. They knew eventually you would bare witness to their betrayal. As an ambassador, they would think of you as a figurehead, then conquer worlds on your behalf. All for the benefit of mankind. There wouldn't be a single non-human species that would resent you for beeing such a hypocritical spy. The suit I made for you would have been your protection, but not for yourself. The Chozo knew you. They knew your heart. They raised you to be a valuable, intelligent, good and wyse ambassador, representing the human race in all it's strengh and glory. And so you wouldn't be able to live with yourself. Ridley knew this from the very beginning. They'll destroy themselves, just as they almost did many times in the past, and the great war for the galaxy will begin anew, just like when the Chozo reigned fire upon the stars. Where will it end Samus!
Join me, Samus. Together, we will not feel alone. We will find those traitors inside the Federation before they become this great menace I have foreseen. We will stop them, and all that will get in our way will receive the metroids' deadly kiss. I know how to harness their power. They can both take and give if need be. I know how to control them. We will make the galaxy as perfect as the Chozo wished it and then, we will find them again and tell them the great news. The children of the Chozo, their holy trinity : the power, the wisdom and the knowledge... all working together."
The possibility that humankind will become (in this reality that is) an evil Star-Wars-like empire in the future, is something that is hinted in the Manga, but also in this insithfull video made by Macintyre in a youtube video called "The tragedy of Samus Aran".
---"You are forgetting one thing, MotherBrain. I am human. Therefore, I am not perfect. Just like the galaxy's inhabitants. The Chozo knew this. They left because they knew that nothing is, and they trusted us to find our own way into this chaos. Even if we have to be alone. You didn't find a way. You created more chaos. And that's why you cannot continue to exist. You are not a teacher. If you cannot embrace disorder, then you cannot be a part of this world."
And so she pursued by destroying MotherBrain who, in her last breath, called out to Samus : "You will not embrace the Chozo's dream, then embrace oblivion!!" And so a self-destruction mechanism ensued.

Samus left just in time aboard the Red Manta, but finds in the way the Space Pirates army that escorted their mothership, and they deeply resent Samus for what she did. They attack and destroy the Red Manta, but not before Samus escapes the Federation ship.
"The timing of my escape couldn't have been worst, she records, just in case the wreckage is found by allies. I was attacked by Space Pirates and left nearly defenseless, stripped of my power suit. All I had for protection was my rather useless emergency pistol. Infiltrating the Space Pirate Mother Ship so armed may have been foolish, but I had no choice..."
Though the Alpha suit isn't responding, short-circuited by the Red Manta's bridge exploding (she owes her life to the Alpha suit protecting her), Samus must now escape a Space Pirate ridden world. They are now farming for every DNA samples they can get for cloning purposes. Samus' mission now is to just get out of there and alert the Federation; now that MB has been destroyed, there is nothing that the DFC can salvage of her for their own profit.
She knows there are escape pods inside the MotherShip and so she climbs on board, searching for such a ship. While on board, she encounters Space Pirates, but also strange droids that she once saw on Zebes, walking, getting in their way. She recognises old orbs that inspired the Chozo when making the spherical probes and tools for MotherBrain; she saw some in a lab before the Space Pirates came on Zebes. Just like the cylindrical-shaped robots that look like a can. They come from a long forgotten ship the Chozo told her not to visit. A place of evil. She barely thinks of them and evade as much traps and Space Pirates as she can. They are now firing plasma beams, a weapon devised by MotherBrain that could very well kill her.
In her exploration of the Mother ship, she finds that is has docked to an archeological facility (Chozodia) and her instincts tell her to follow this path. She finds then the room where she remembers Old Bird bringing her to visit once, telling her that there is a weapon here to fit the greatest warrior : The Omega armor.
There is a lock though preventing anybody from getting their hands on it. The space pirates believe now to be able to forge a way to it and more of the Chozo's ruins thanks to a bomb discovered in the halls of war (we can see sometimes a Space Pirate carrying a Power Bomb from one room to another). The locking mechanism is both very complex while simple : It shows your darkest self to which you have to survive his blows if you are proven worthy of the armor; hence why we can see a reflection on Samus inside the bubble mirroring her movements.
She is the first of what will become fights with her dark self.
By chosing a world of chaos, solitude and imperfection instead of Chozo rule, she is proven worthy and the armor now covers the Alpha, unlocking antigravity units such as the Antigravity suit (option), Spring ball (althought unmentionned), plasma beam and SpaceJump. Using those, she gets to the bridge of the ship, destroys communication, weapons, shields, all that could make this a fair fight for when the Galactic Federation will arrive. She comes across one of those PowerBombs and her suit adapts itself for her to use them as a part of her arsenal, replicating them as her energy grows.
But as she makes way for the shipyard, she comes across Ridley. The first Ridley. She then recognises that the Space Pirates have cloning technology and that the Ridley she fought was indeed a clone. This is the Ridley that killed her parents and that her dad thought he'd kill when blowing the ship filled with Afloraltite. He is still alive, but barely. He's kept alive with life support systems while holding weapons to protect himself from intruders... such as her, but more crude.
According to the manga lore of Metroids, Ridley survived the explosion on K2L set off by Rodney Aran by devouring the corpses of the colonists until he was rescued -- including possibly Samus' parents. This let me to question my own vision. The Chozo returned, took Samus, and then dissapeared. Why did they leave in such a hurry? Why not look for survivors? If they had found Ridley, they could have taken him, save his life and hold him as a living hostage to hold off the remaining Space Pirates at bay. Furthermore, they could have ask MotherBrain to scrounge in his head what secrets he gave the Space Pirates during all those years and gather strategic knowledge if the Space Pirates would become the Great Living Menace foretold -- unknowingly that MB would have rather killed Ridley before letting the Chozo learn her implication on K2L. My best guest is that the Afloraltite refining factory, when it blew up, left deadly radiations across the lands, forcing the Chozo to come, rescue survivors (turns out there was only ONE survivor), then get out ASAP. This is also why 1) they couldn't rescue people closer to the reffinery and b) even the Space Pirates couldn't come and look for survivors themselves, thus leaving Ridley to fend off for himself for a time. He could very well had eaten the colonists to sustain himself, and furthermore Samus' mother, before the Space Pirates could fend off the radiations and rescue him.
But even more gruesome, I imagine him keeping the heads as trophies to remind himself, even thought he lost big in the Humiliation of K2L, he did also win.
"I know of you, he hisses while clawing his way to her, his red cyborg eye zooming on her. You are a human girl. You destroyed MotherBrain...?!" And proceeds trying to kill her.
But Samus counter-attacks, peacefull revenge flods through her. 
Remember when I wrote that Ridley, when facing Samus and Amanda in the ruins of K2L, I wrote that he said : "This is what I was afraid of? How insignificant". At that moment, when delivering the final blow, I imagine Samus showing her eyes to Ridley who is now too afraid to make any assumptions. But he recognises her eyes nonotheless as beeing the same as one of his trophies. He imagines a ghost. "Who... are you?" I see him saying.
Samus saying only : "Significant." And kdelivering the last blow.
But Ridley has one trick left up his sleeve. Because some of his crew could have been tempted by MotherBrain's invitation for insurrection, he built an autodestruct sequence linked to his heartbeat, just so the Zebesian Space Pirates would know the cost of tempting a coup against him.
But Samus, once again, flees the grounds by taking a Space Pirate escape pod, leaving Zebes and what's left of the MotherShip for the Federation.

So ends my interpretation of the Metroid Zero Mission game.
But Samus' story is just beginning.

See you in part 11
How I see Samus Aran's story
By SJD764

I am a very big fan of Samus Aran, and if you are too, you may very well saw how there are different interpretations of Samus Aran throught the Metroid Games and manga. There is so much in fact that one can come to all sorts of conclusions when it comes to her story -- from where she starts to where in fact she was last seen.
It's been 30+ years now that Samus Aran and the Metroids exists and Nintendo barely (if not at all) mentionned this fact. Sadenning for such fans like myself. I admit it, she is my favorite female superhero.
I decided to share my fandom of Samus by writing what I believe is her story according to what I've red, saw and concluded throughout the years.
Of course, I like to mention that I do not own Samus Aran or Metroid, so if Nintendo is reading this, please don't sue. This is merely a "thing" I decided to do as some sort of book report and to see if some other fans of this series might share my opinions and ideas.
Of course, I invite anybody to partake in this interpretation and write in their own ideas. The main goal here is to come up with a more concrete storyline while taking notice of the one that already exists.
But two points before I start:
1) English is not my first language.
2) There will be spoilers.
Enjoy the read.

Part 9 - Metroids

Here we are at last, dear reader(s). The pesky little kridder known as the Metroid. But what is it exactly? Where did it come from?
Well, as you might have guessed, I have my own hypothesis.

As you might remember, I said back in part 1 that the Chozo were once a warrior race. But in their haste to show their superiority to each other, they commited a fatal flaw. They invented deathly machines capable of toppling worlds altogether. Once of these inventions would come to be known as Parasite X -- the most deadly virus in the entire galaxy because it feeds on Living energy to become itself sentient energy.
You might recall also I write a lot about energy. That's because the Chozo themselves (along with other very old beeings, as the Luminoth and the ancient people of Bryyo) learned how to manipulate energy. Samus' armor itself depends on it to function and gain access to all of it's multiple functions, as her ship and Chozo technology. So in this reality, just so we're clear from now on, I came to sort these "energies" into some categories.
  • Vaporous energy : Energy that floats around, may it be negative or positive, that is beeing put out by suns and feeds lifeforms of all shapes and sizes. That's some lazy b*stard energy, right. (LOL)
  • Static energy : Energy that stopped moving around to form an atom or a collection of atoms. For the most part, it can be molded.
  • Manufactured energy : Energy that is produced. Electricity, explosion, wind. Noise might even fit in this category under the form of a healthy encouragement or a shocking insult. It can be influenced or influence living organisms, but has to be produced.
  • Living energy : Energy that is in us. It feeds on Vaporous, Manufactured or Static energy and maintains it trough biological (and sometimes psychological) nutrition. Examples are trees, grass, animals, insects... us. It can be farmed.
  • Sentient energy : Energy that is attracted to Static or Living energy for the purpose of getting bigger and bigger. It's intelligence lies at a molecular level. Living cells would be considered as such if they weren't made of proteins. Sentient energy is entirely made of energy. Examples of this are Phaazon, krysbits, the Luminoth's Light Armor, and Parasite X.
  • Sentient Living energy : Basically, a scientific correspondence to a spiritual transcendance.
So yes, Parasite X was a deadly menace and the Chozo tried their best (I imagined) to stop it, but to no avail; once the form it took was defeated, it had the ability to shapeshift into something else, or gather with other Xs to form something greater so as to better trick them or wage war against them. Even more dangerous, it had the ability to exchange data with terminals and adapt itself to technologies derived from this information. So the Chozo were left with only one choice : make the perfect hunter.
Enter the metroid.
Metroids are a necessary abomination to the Chozo. Where they come from remains somewhat a mystery, although I have a theory whih I will explain later on. They devour entire organisms made of Living and Sentient energy, but contrary to Parasite X, they are made of Living energy themselves and so are solid. So they can be destroyed through freezing.
With the metroid now manufactured, they let those energy eaters fill their belly across SR388 -- the planet where Parasite X was created and ran wild. This done, they froze the surface of the planet (thus those immense machines inside the Chozo tower) and eliminated them.
But some survived because of the volcanic regions and underwent extreme mutations, evading the harsh conditions and the Chozo's final hunt.

MotherBrain knows that the SpacePirates need a formidable weapon to protect her. Moreover, she now fears Samus now that she has teamed with the Galactic Federation. She imagines her giving them knowledge and, worst of all, the secrets of her power armor she made for her. That she'll come on Zebes to destroy her for betraying her and her kind to the likings of the Space Pirates.
Furthermore, I imagine unrest within the Zebesian pirates. They have come to the point that protecting her is too easy a task. They have begun telling her that she is right to fear the Federation and Samus and that her only hope is to arm them for her protection. And for some time, MotherBrain has given them many gifts and helped them create new creatures of all kinds. But now, MotherBrain believes she's been outright manipulated, especially by Kraid, her steward. She believes him now to be more of a jailor than the leader of the force dedicated to her protection.
Seeing Kraid carelessly spreading all sorts of monsters around Crateria, she believe she now needs protection from them, just as much from the Space Pirates and the Galactic Federation. She herself gets the feeling she is alone in all of this and starts feeling ressentment for the Chozo for abandonning her.
She then remembers the stories of the metroids and so asks the Space Pirates to fetch some for her on SR388. A fossil, a DNA sample, anything that she can work with to create (what she calls) the Ultimate Weapon. Intrigued, Kraid obeys, and unbeknownst to him falls to her manipulation.
We don't know for sure if the Space Pirates could find metroids remnants amongst the caves of SR388, but I like to think that they did in fact find some that evaded the Chozo's purge instead of MotherBrain having to create some; it would have been unprudent for the Chozo to leave in such a hurry and leave any way of engineering once more such instruments of war behind them inside MotherBrain's databanks.
So for the sake of this work, the Space Pirates did indeed find metroids on SR388 and brought some back (not without many complications I imagine) to MotherBrain who, fearing that even the Space Pirates might find it convenient for their own use, isolates them with her in Tourian. They become her protection if ever Samus, or even an elite force of Alpha dorned soldiers, would arrive to get her. Because she has the ability to trailor DNA, I also imagine her able to use her great mental powers to control the metroids and kill the Space Pirates assisting her once their usefullness was passed. Along with this, she puts in traps so that even the Space Pirates or Kraid find it hard to get to her.
In the Game Zero Mission, there is a doorway that, to enter, Samus HAS to kill both Kraid and Ridley. I imagine this as a device engineered by MotherBrain through her flying orbs, then calling out to the Space Pirates : "Kraid does not care about you anymore. He puts your lives in danger by filling Zebes ecosystem with his new pets and feeding you to them. If you want more from me, like my protection, you will kill Kraid and Ridley, then bring forth their genetic material. Therefore you will accept me as your new leader. Become true Zebesians." Thus she brings civil unrest amongst the Space Pirates.
While Samus is still training, MB's paranoia grows greater with every passing months. With her closing the path to her chambers and the execution of the team that was supposed to help her clone metroids, Kraid (along with the rest of the Space Pirates) come to the realisation that MotherBrain has truly gone insane. She does not recognize friend or foe. So it's in their best interest to use the metroids before she decides to let them loose on them. In her state, she could very well do so, they think.
Kraid fears not only for himself, but also for his greatest creations. He puts Gadoras in front of doors leading to them, so as to not loose their protection if ever a civil war erupted on Zebes.
A new plan finds itself in the Pirate collective psychee. Maybe it was Kraid or Ridley's idea, I cannot say. They had what they want from MotherBrain and now believe her to be expendable. They want to use the metroids to launch an all-out attack against the Galactic Federation -- they let MotherBrain believe for many years now that IT was the Great Living Menace she foretold the rise. If they are indeed so powerfull, The Space Pirates think they would greatly benefit from all of their inventions -- including the Alpha suit. As the rest of the galaxy, they want their hands on every part of it. And so they plan to take a metroid flock to the Federation and let them eat every ounce of Living Energy it meets. But with the Metroids under lock and key in Tourian, they know they have to get more, and fortunately for them, they know now exactly where.
There's another problem : MotherBrain is now paranoid. To them, she might have come to the realization that she was manipulated all of this time. She could very well see them becoming the Great Living Menace she foretold the coming in her prophecy and so would use every amount of information against them to gain an immunity towards the Federation and beat them (Project Paperclip tells of Nazi scientists who came to work for the allies after the war in exchange for annonimity). They know she is now sitting on a bomb so powerfull it could kill everybody in the vicinity in less than two minutes.
MotherBrain becomes a potential ennemy even to them.
There is only one who can get through these defenses that they know and she is her greatest foe : Samus Aran.

The Space Pirates, I imagine, send a call to the Chozo ship Samus left with many years ago (the Wallnut), pretending to be Samus herself, calling out in desperation to the Chozo. They fabricated a message from files Samus left in her room (in an attempt to save her life) to create some sort of persona, knowing this would be recognized by Samus herself. They include any information about the metroids. If Samus is listening, they know she'll come with the Federation and attack Zebes. Thus leaving the Federation open for an attack. With part of the Chozo technology and the metroids in their hands, they believe to have the maximum element of surprise.
Furthermore, if the Federation believe the real Samus to be a clone doppleganger, they would kill her, eliminating MotherBrain's greatest fear alltogether.
A win-win situation they could better exploit.

Samus is called by the scientists who worked on the wallnut for the past years because a part of it's computer is beeping, like an answering machine, and they don't know what to make of it. Samus reads the message (in Chozo lore) and immediately recognizes the falsification of her identity. Or course, she does not reveal the content of the message to the Federation, fearing that the people might believe she is a clone, a spy made for the soul purpace of infiltration, and lock her up. She knows Mission Zero is imminent and that Adam needs her help to kill MotherBrain. And so she calls a bluff.
She guesses that this is nothing more than a trap.
Since she cannot fly the wallnut (it's been chained to the base), she turns to the Red Manta. Understanding the potential menace of the metroids and the risks of haste, without any hesitation, she dons her power armor, and with it's help, steals the Red Manta and heads for Zebes.

My version of the semantics and details occuring in the game Metroid - Zero mission will be explored in part 10.
See you there. ;)
How I see Samus Aran's story
By SJD764

I am a very big fan of Samus Aran, and if you are too, you may very well saw how there are different interpretations of Samus Aran throught the Metroid Games and manga. There is so much in fact that one can come to all sorts of conclusions when it comes to her story -- from where she starts to where in fact she was last seen.
It's been 30+ years now that Samus Aran and the Metroids exists and Nintendo barely (if not at all) mentionned this fact. Sadenning for such fans like myself. I admit it, she is my favorite female superhero.
I decided to share my fandom of Samus by writing what I believe is her story according to what I've red, saw and concluded throughout the years.
Of course, I like to mention that I do not own Samus Aran or Metroid, so if Nintendo is reading this, please don't sue. This is merely a "thing" I decided to do as some sort of book report and to see if some other fans of this series might share my opinions and ideas.
Of course, I invite anybody to partake in this interpretation and write in their own ideas. The main goal here is to come up with a more concrete storyline while taking notice of the one that already exists.
But two points before I start:
1) English is not my first language.
2) There will be spoilers.
Enjoy the read.

Part 8 - Malkovichs

We barely know anything about Samus' journey through the military faction (or Police) of the Galactic Federation, apart from what we heard in the Metroid Other M game. We know she became very close to three individuals; Anthony, and the brothers Malkovich, and that one of those ended in tragedy. Some argue that she had a one-way love affair with the elder brother, Adam. I've red two different versions of the incident that took Ian's life, and while both lack details, I enjoyed giving it my own personnal thoughts about it.
Again, I am NOT saying that what I write here is what happened. I am just saying that what I write here is what I believed would or could have happened, and even more the case if I was to handle such a story.
Just have fun with it folks. ;)

After a visit to K2L's ruins, I imagine Samus getting to the Galactic Federation with the speed and depht of a hurricane, possessed with paranoia. The fact is, she arrived aboard the ship we came to know that looks somewhat like a football from the front; yellow, with antigravity suspensors units under it so it rarely really lands (I call it the wallnut). I imagine her also having a really hard time driving that ship because it wasn't built for human comforts. She can read Chozo, but finds it hard to navigate through which button does what. Furthermore, the Space Pirates try to stop her while she goes off to Federation space, so the ship is heavilly damaged and she is rescued by the Federation Police right at their frontier.
The first person she encounters is Adam Malkovich who had -- at some point -- the same ideas than most people on K2L. I would go as far as to argue that he had some people very close to him or his parents attend the seminars the Chozo held on the colony and would have liked to join them if not considered too young and if the base did not blow sky high. For one thing I know that he has a strong opinion on genetic manipulation, that "life is not to be tempered with".
This explains why he was so against Samus giving the last Metroid to scientists without confiding with him on such an important matter. That's why he gives her such a cold shoulder when they meet again in the beginning of the game Other M.
K2L's massacre changed everything for him. Therefore, since the death of those colonists, his dreams of joining them were shattered. Now, all his youth was to ready himself for war.
Because the Chozo ships gives off the same energy signature than a Space Pirate ship, at least the ones who attacked K2L and led this atrocious ambush against it's colonists, I imagine the captain of the ship on which Adam serves as first officer wanting to destroy it, thinking it's another trap. Only Adam belays that order, saving Samus' life in the proceesing. For his defense, he points out that the ship is not only too small and alone, but is also getting pumelled by somewhat similar yet different ships. That, and it is heavily damaged. Hence Samus is saved and as she is brought aboard the heavy cruiser, she tells the Federation that the Chozo are gone. Not dead, but dissapeared. That MotherBrain has gone insane. That the Space Pirates are beginning to exploit their technology... before going into a panic attack brought on by her newly rediscovered memories. She then is sedated and brought to Federation's headquarters with her ship.
Some might argue : "Samus is too much of a badass to panic." But think about it : this is the second time her entire world collapsed on itself. Her memories of K2L have just resurfaced, so these are traumatic events for her. Eventually, these memories will saturate her fears and forge her into this rough mute exterior. For the mean time, she has to endure them. I believe nobody can truly come out unscarred by such a terrible repetition in such a short gap.

Some higher ops (the DFC) see Samus as an opportunity, just as Old Bird said, to push their agenda forward. For them, the Galactic Federation has pushed it's politics of space exploration long enough. Now, it was a time of war, and once awaken, Samus' speech, the last living human from K2L, would use every word and knowledge at her disposal to convince every high general to the new menace that is the Space Pirates and Mother Brain against them and their allies.
At first, I imagine Samus playing right into their paws, doing the job they could not without realizing it.
"MB's just lost. She's panicking, as I did, believes Samus. But she is right. She is the last Chozo treasure box. The Space Pirates will exploit her until there is nothing left of her. They will twist and deform every shard of Chozo knowledge until there is nothing left of MB, and of us eventually. She's a victim of her grief. We have to free her until such a thing happends. But if we destroy her, we might erase every record of what she gave or didn't give to the Space Pirate. We need to bring her to our side."
To the DFC, MotherBrain is Pandora's box. A theory suggests that the Chozo attained the stage where they ceased to have a body and now detached themselves from worldly bonds, becoming pure sentient living energy -- as the Alimbic did. If there is a recipe inside MotherBrain to attain this, some might pay a heafty price to start their religion around such knowledge, both to use it or to keep such a metamorphosis silent.
Furthermore, since she now recalls K2L, Samus wants nothing more than to chase the Space Pirates away from Zebes before they gain enough momentum to make other colonies share the same fate as K2L. But because of that, there are some, like Adam Malkovich, who suggest that it would be wiser to destroy it all. "MB made an attempt on your life, Samus. The Chozo knew this was going to happend. That's why they left. There is no hope for her."
But Samus is hesitant to come to this realisation. Because if this plan comes to frutition, then Zebes, along with her childhood, ancient Chozo ruins, and possible answers about the Chozo's dissapearance, might be lost to her (to them) forever. So her Chozo DNA and training resists. She was raised to help husher in a way of peace for humankind and their associates, not a futuristic Paul Revere. She wants to be a strategist to help the Federation's generals into the proper approach to handle this mess, recuperate MotherBrain alive. But the fact is, she knows nothing of the humans and she hits a brick wall every time push comes to shove.
As much as some generals (DFC) want to get their hands on MotherBrain and her secrets, they know that if they would ever side with Samus towards such a goal, they would round up suspicion on their motives towards their pears : "Why do you want MotherBrain so bad?? Some rightfull general might think aloud. After all, in the absence of the Chozo, she didn't turn to us for her protection, but towards the Space Pirates. Known thugs. She made her choice. She will not collaborate. Better to destroy her than let the Space Pirates get ahold of more secrets."
Through this, hoping she would get on their side, Adam tries to convince Samus. That her parents were indeed killed by the Space Pirates, and that MB rightfully knows about this. Even so, she did not think of how Samus would handle such a thing. So the fact that MotherBrain chose to side with them instead of with the Galactic Federation makes Samus even more confused. Only MotherBrain could answer this, but she is unattainable for now.
The more Samus sees the generals opt for war, the more she believes how unrealistic her appeal for clemency is -- to the dissapointment of the DFC.
She does not like MotherBrain; the advanced Aurora Unit built by the Chozo creeps the heck out of her. But a) the Chozo thought her to look beyond appearances alone and b) she might have some anwers. Furthermore, because she is known to irritate the higher strategists at HQ, ruffling some feather, Samus is left with a new dilemma : She has Chozo technology with her armor and ship which some devious people want desperately to get their gnabby hands on -- the same whose candid transmissions about immortality and cloning were intercepted by Mother Brain from K2L in the first place and that Samus still ignores. I imagine a high admiral (Dane, maybe) knowing this and so he calls upon Adam to help her see this point of view.
Adam, of course, is not part of the DFC, nor is he stupid enough to play their game. Dane believes Samus to be vulnerable right now; her armor (both psychological and metaphysical) do not work because of her recent and perpetuating trauma breaks every moment of concentration. She is like clay for those who would want to make her a poster child for their war.
---"I can't do this. I am not an ambassador, nor am I a soldier. My suit doesn't even work anymore. I am not ready for war, nor peace. I failed." Might think Samus, slipping into self-pity.
---"Maybe that's because you don't know what it is to be human, I imagine Adam telling her. But you must know that nothing comes freely in this galaxy. You had to work for your habilities. You had to study to become the woman you are today. Wallowing in doubt sure isn't the answer. Now's the time to protect yourself. The best way you can do this is with allies. It's time to work for your survival. You have to give something in return before some might think it easier to take it from you. Now, admiral (Dane) says your ship is beeing studied by some people who would LOVE to get their hands on all it's properties. Don't you get it?"
---"You are no better than Space Pirates!!" Would argue Samus, ready to duke it out against those opportunistic scientists and the ones they serve.
---"You are ruffling some feather, lady. We are not all bad. You may have Chozo DNA, but you're still human. That means you're not perfect. And so are we. Your parents knew this, why else do you think they wanted to form a colony of future ambassadors on K2L. The higher ops are about two seconds away of asking you for some Chozo technology to arm themselves against MotherBrain's technology, now in the hands of what they call Zebesian Space Pirates. It's the only way we'll be able to stay ahead now. To defend ourselves."
---"Then I would be no beter than the Pirates when they attacked K2L. "
---"I you do that, there will be some who will think of you as a liability. They gave you an audience just so they could gain your trust and ask this of you. If you refuse, you'll end up in a cell or, worst yet, assassinated in a planned coup. It's time for you to contribute to the human race."
---"I don't want to usher in a era of war. What kind of Chozo would I be??"
---"You let me worry about the war with the Space Pirates. You worry about the war inside yourself. Start with the idea that you're not a Chozo. You're Samus Aran, the sole survivor of K2L, and right now, you need protection. You need friends. You need people you can trust."
I imagine her remembering the moments where she'd see Chozo fly above great canyons and she, even in low-gravity, having to hop the same distance and finding it unfair she does not have real wings.
---"I will protect you, then says Adam. You'll come with me. I have an elite force. I will train you. Admiral Dane will make a plea for you. Your ship is mainly Chozo, so there is no way to take anything from it without your approval -- the scientists are afraid they might break something, anyway. You'll get to keep your ship and armor, and in return, you'll help by giving parts of it's technology to us so when the time comes, not only will we be helping the human race to better itself, but we'll free Zebes and find out together what happened to the Chozo -- with or without the help of MotherBrain. The Space pirates will pay for what they've done to your parents. Your real parents. So... Any objections, lady?"
Samus suddenly gets her determination back. She remembers K2L. This is what the Chozo suppressed for all those years. The anger and feelings of retribution. They wanted to protect her from these feelings, fearing it would intice her to do a kamikaze run against the Space Pirates. But this time, it's different : she has allies. The Chozo helped her through meditation to rise to a higher form of learning as Old Bird promised to Amanda Aran. Samus is a gun at that point, surrounded by cavemen, ready to shoot off in every direction. By holding the wooden clubs from hitting her on the head, instead by reasonning with her, Adam gave her the proper target.
The thumbs down may just be a sign of rebellion and anti-conformity Samus gives when Adam says this, time again in the future, or maybe to recall that she is only half-human, but it is also a sign manifested in ancient Greece when the masters wanted the gladiator to kill the defeated. I imagine Samus giving this exact sign the first time as to say : "To death with him". Or in this case, "them".

Although parts of the ship (the wallnut) can be retrofitted and reverse engineered for Federation and (mainly) scientifical uses, the same cannot be said for the Alpha suit. Samus herself says she needs great amounts concentration to use such technology. She cannot at that moment enter such a state of mind; MB, the Zebesian Space Pirates, her remembering past traumas, and Adam, altogether, awoke a sleeping rage and she can barely make the suit work from now on. Her concentration, that was once on Zebes a part of her peacefull self, now falters. She is condemned to go through the same training as a grunt to get ahold of her mental focus back.
Fortunately for her, her Zero-G training made her a truly formidable adversary and she is promoted to Elite Squad faster than anyone ever did. She climbs the ranks, but is given no access to the strategy rooms anymore for there are some who consider her temper now faltering and Adam bares the entire blame for awakening the sleeping giant. Furthermore, some see their relashionship as more like father-daughter than soldier-officer and would think that, at this point, her voice would only be a repetition of Adam's opinion. That she'd side with him nomatter what.
But there is another reason. The same devious faction what wants to get their hands on high-level Chozo technology (more so MotherBrain) are jealous of Adam's relationship with her. They want her to find her way back into the Alpha suit. The faster the better, so as to make an army of Alpha-suited soldiers. The faster Samus calms down and, like Adam, calls for patience (thing she has troubles with now that she can imagine the Space Pirates becoming more stronger now that they have MotherBrain's help to upgrade their weapons), the easier she will be able to call upon all the multiple functions of the Alpha suit and give them access to this personnal technology.
You could say that Samus is beeing manipulated on behalf of her well-beeing.

While training, she meets Anthony and Ian. Anthony is strong, but has a big heart. His smile is that of a child, and yet his anger can destroy a mountain. At first, this is a paradox to Samus who cannot believe her eyes. How can such contradictions exist? She might think. I also imagine Samus going through simulations as a ram through a wall. Ian is the one to call upon her to become more human. She needed friends, and Ian, because Adam's brother, was more than obliged to be this friend. To him, Samus is fragile and strong at the same time. Flawed and perfect.
Also, I imagine Ian, at a very young age, pushing himself as to proove that he is not getting (or needs) special treatment from his big brother. He wants to be accepted as an equal. So does Samus now, even thought she puts all the others at a disadvantage. Ian sympathises with her for that.
A portrait of both Samus and Ian is visible on Adam desk in Other M. I imagine it taken by Anthony. We see Ian taking Samus under his arm as in a cordial brotherly hug, while Samus is taken aghast by such complicity. While Adam, behind them, looks at them both with a strange gaze, as if : "Ian, don't get too close to her. There are a lot of eyes on her right now. She's a danger to herself and those around her."
There is also another reason beginning with an E, but I'll get into it in part 11. ;b :)
Until then, here's what I think is a good reason why : At this point, Adam is climbing the ranks. He came to know what some people want of Samus. Some would like nothing more than to strip all technology from her before the end of this war against the Zebesian Space Pirates because they know, if or when the Chozo return, they would be angry against her for letting the humans get their hands on all of their technology -- last time humans had so much power, they nearly destroyed their world and their entire existence, thus why Ridley said that humans cannot be trusted. He knows that they would like nothing more than to thank Samus for her treason of her Chozo tutelage by pointing her rage at her in front of the Chozo and say : "SHE did it! She's your Oppenheimer. When MotherBrain betrayed her and invited the Space Pirates, she just HAD to give us ALL of your toys to kill them all as recompense for the tragedy on K2L. We were pawns in her story of revenge. Blame HER!", evading all blame of manipulation. This would even be more truthfull if ever MotherBrain would be destroyed in the attack (no witnesses), as Adam thinks will be inevitable.
He also knows that once Samus would regain the entire weapons array of the Alpha armor, he would have no choice but to push for an all-guns assault against Zebes, thus leaving no time for the DFC to ask for Samus all the secrets of the Alpha, so to convert this technology for mass production of Body Armor for their own advancement.
Asam thought he had it all figured out... until the incident with Ian came.

Samus sees him as a brother and Adam a surrogate father -- much to the DFC's chagrin. She wants him to be proud of her. In symbolism, a father is seen as an intruder from the very moment we are conceived. He represents the "exterior", thus his genitals are outside. His seed comes from the "world outside". Samus has had an absence of this tutelage all her life. At a young age, because she was the first child born on K2L, her mother raised her and brought her to her Chozo classes, thinking that when the time comes, Rodney would also get his chance to raise her well. Ridley changed all of this. Then, the Chozo were the intruder. They put their DNA inside her. Intruding on her humanity while keeping the most human part of herself supressed for her own good. They pushed her to use her mind and spirit, not her muscles. Zebes' environment did that, conditionned her. Adam is the very first father Samus got, and Ian the closest thing to a (best) friend.
We know that Adam chose to sacrifice his brother for the sake of 200 men. According to the game and designers, it was the right decision. Ian died a hero. But if fans remember correctly, Samus nearly pleaded with Adam to go save him. She knew she'd be able to handle it. At that point, she does not still have access to all of her suit's functions, and so Adam -- who knows this -- refuses to let her go.
Samus might have thought at that moment that Adam doesn't trust her to save Ian. That he believes that she'll die. That she isn't ready, even with her armor. And so this is the catalyst Samus needs to give herself the final push so she can access all of her suits functionalities again.
This came to Admiral Monroe's ears. The existence of this purely invented character is to introduce a devious faction inside the Federation to Samus and push her to eventually become a bounty hunter instead of a living weapon (think : Winter Soldier). But more on that in part 12.

One day, after Samus' training with ALL of the alpha's options turned on, Adam comes to get her. Admiral Monroe wants to speak with her. Privately.
In the days that follow Samus reaching back at the Alpha, she would be called to meet Monroe in his office overseeing trainees in a yard.
I imagine Adam wanting to hide from the higher brass the fact that Samus succeeded in calling back the Alpha suit. But Monroe came to know nonotheless, which makes him believe that there are some inside his squad that were sent to spy on her (Maurice, a.k.a. the Deleter?).
Fortunately, Adam has a plan of his own.
---"Take a look at those men, soldier. Says Monroe. They form the batallion that your commanding officer called upon for Mission Zero. As we speak, a prototype is beeing tested inside our facility to infiltrate Zebes' space as if cloaked; we call it the Red Manta. These are the men who will accompany you on this mission. They're good, but they are nowhere near close to what you can accomplish with your suit. Now that it's fully operationnal, he's pushing his men towards a covert attack on Zebes. An infiltration into ennemy territory. What he does not understand is that more than half of the men could die because of his foolish pride."
---"Sir, every day, MotherBrain and the Space Pirates go stronger, might retork Samus. I alone know the map to Tourian. The rest, I know where to access. I can get inside faster and easier thanks to my armor. But, if I may be so blunt, we have to hurry."
---"I can feel your burden, soldier. And if it was up to me, given time, you wouldn't have to be alone to carry it. Officer Malkovich put you through enough stress as it is. Believe me when I say that if it was up to me, you'd be rewarded for the help you've given us. I know you want to haste and snuff out this war with a swift blow, and so does Adam. I, on the other end, rule out a more favorable option : Let us study your so-called Alpha Suit, and we could very well help your squad get out of this alive and unscaithed."
---"Sir, if you don't mind me recalling my last report, this armor only works with Chozo DNA and massive amounts of concentration. I was conditionned from a very young age to achieve such level of concentration. And my armor adapted to this. Recalling such teachings took years of training. I don't think that more years of mental training is in the best interest for the Federation, considering what's at stake here. Furthermore, the Chozo were my teachers, and now that they are gone, I doubt...
---"I respect your way of thinking, but I recall also the fact that at first you wanted to salvage MotherBrain. You know how dangerous this could be, right? Some others think as this, but in the end, they won't be on the battlefield with you, will they. The decision will rest entirely in your hands. At that moment, you'll have to choose. Don't get me wrong, Adam will want you to kill MotherBrain, fearing that some devious faction inside the Federation will want to get their hands on her Chozo database. Let me reassure you, I am not one of them (althought he is, a regular Palpatine as it will). You're more important to us because of your power suit. Adam, just as the rest of us, wants to protect you, but he's also a man of the Federation and as such, in a perfect world, he would want to protect his squad. Why else would he want to sacrifice his brother to push you to hurry your training?
---"...Why would he sacrifice Ian?"
---"You tell me. All I know is that after Ian Malkovich's death, you gained a lot more haste when training with your armor. Maybe Adam Malkovich thinks that you needed this so you could remember what's at stake here. Lives, soldier. Expendable but loyal lives. So was his brother. Maybe he wanted you to think you are unworthy of his trust and would want you to haste as to proove yourself."
This is purely fanfiction, you realize, but at the moment, it's important for Samus to realize that there is a reason her parents wanted to learn diplomacy from the Chozo and not rely entirely on human philosophy and morality to base their first contacts. Especially if some other extraterrestrial intelligence predates humankind by a matter of centuries.
Second, Samus has to get a first bitter taste of loneliness. She now knows she will have to destroy MotherBrain to keep the rest of her squad away from harm. She would love to get answers from MotherBrain, but believes that her hesitation in this matter could cost lives. While Adam, since the beginning, wants to rush in before the Zebesian pirates grow too strong.
She knows Ian or Anthony would want to help, but without an armor such as hers, they wouldn't stand a chance. Everytime she wants to talk to Adam about this, he tells her that her priority is to train. By serving her her own words now, he confirms her worst fears : Adam is playing on their relashionship.

I believe her to think that if she is to eliminate the Zebesian pirates, now that her armor and her training is done, she has to do it all by herself.

To be continued in part 9


sjd764's Profile Picture
If you are reading this, this means that you are not an analphabet. ;)
But of course, you already knew that. But what you might not know is : Who is SJD764 and what kind of an artist is he? To tell the true, I am one in every fashion, except you won't find any art by me here. At least, not now.
I remember an episode of SailorMoon S where this mad scientist was searching for what he called Pure Heart Crystals. He nabbed one from a painter through one of his monsters dedicated to this task. As Uranus and Neptune vanquish the foul creature to rescue it, Uranus was about to ram it back into it's owner's body when Neptune told her; "Wait... it's an artist's heart. It's more delicate. You have to be gentle with it"... or something like that.
Well, my heart is just as fragile as such a crystal.
I use to paint and draw, sculpt and take photos, but the fact is, I never believe my art good enough to be shared.
"There must be something wrong with me!" I used to think, and so I learn to analyse artworks to the point that I could almost (to a point, and for some) learn the intention lurking behind the art that was shown to me.
And so that's why I could not show my art. Where some could see a castle, a cloud, the sea, I could see a part of myself I didn't like to expose. I felt small and naked.
Where some might see a square, I could see imprisonement.
Where some might see a bird, I could see escapism.
Where some might see a closed fist, I saw somebody who wants to learn how to let-go for a change.
This comes from somebody who hung out a lot with friends who studied in psychology in College. ;b
But I do write a lot and I do intend to write in my native French until someday I gather enough courage to publish.
I could very well be a coward for not doing so or more. But I am a respectfull one, and if there's something the internet has told me, is that there is too much hate and hazing going 'round.
So here I am, looking around a sea of artists, trying to sew a little appreciation where I can, looking for something that I lack : audacity, confidence and strengh.
To the artists, I say carry on! The world needs creators. Your nature is to share, and in these times, we need generosity.
May the muses guide you to your own immortality.


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The shadow effect on her right side, both litterally and figuratively, is nothing less than remarquable (the nose and cheek especially); right, because the price for doing what's right means she has to delve into shadows (?).
That comm device looks so real it's uncanny.
I'd like to think that you chose to put the comm device on that side because this is the side (the right side) where she receives the calls that puts her into neverending danger.
No offense, but the only reason that I would be hesitant to buy a print is that I would feel judged or intimitated every time I'd look at it too long (she looks so real). Maybe a small one, eventually..: giggle :. 

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Gosh, even the separation between the zero suit and her neck is awesome; you can almost judge the thickness of the (alien) material.
This must have taken you such a long time to do.
Nevertheless, a true masterpiece. Truthfull to Samus and to her fandom.
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