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If you are reading this, this means that you are not an analphabet. ;)
But of course, you already knew that. But what you might not know is : Who is SJD764 and what kind of an artist is he? To tell the true, I am one in every fashion, except you won't find any art by me here. At least, not now.
I remember an episode of SailorMoon S where this mad scientist was searching for what he called Pure Heart Crystals. He nabbed one from a painter through one of his monsters dedicated to this task. As Uranus and Neptune vanquish the foul creature to rescue it, Uranus was about to ram it back into it's owner's body when Neptune told her; "Wait... it's an artist's heart. It's more delicate. You have to be gentle with it"... or something like that.
Well, my heart is just as fragile as such a crystal.
I use to paint and draw, sculpt and take photos, but the fact is, I never believe my art good enough to be shared.
"There must be something wrong with me!" I used to think, and so I learn to analyse artworks to the point that I could almost (to a point, and for some) learn the intention lurking behind the art that was shown to me.
And so that's why I could not show my art. Where some could see a castle, a cloud, the sea, I could see a part of myself I didn't like to expose. I felt small and naked.
Where some might see a square, I could see imprisonement.
Where some might see a bird, I could see escapism.
Where some might see a closed fist, I saw somebody who wants to learn how to let-go for a change.
This comes from somebody who hung out a lot with friends who studied in psychology in College. ;b
But I do write a lot and I do intend to write in my native French until someday I gather enough courage to publish.
I could very well be a coward for not doing so or more. But I am a respectfull one, and if there's something the internet has told me, is that there is too much hate and hazing going 'round.
So here I am, looking around a sea of artists, trying to sew a little appreciation where I can, looking for something that I lack : audacity, confidence and strengh.
To the artists, I say carry on! The world needs creators. Your nature is to share, and in these times, we need generosity.
May the muses guide you to your own immortality.

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Joe-Roberts Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
 Thanks for faving Metroid link link :)
Metroid by Joe-Roberts 
sjd764 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016
You're very welcome.
I could not not have. It's one of my alltime favorites for Samus in the millions that exists throughout the net. A true work of art if I ever saw one.
The texture of her skin, that hair, that devastating glare that pierce through the daring onlooker's soul as if his/her/it's own protections were only paper thin.
The shadow effect on her right side, both litterally and figuratively, is nothing less than remarquable (the nose and cheek especially); right, because the price for doing what's right means she has to delve into shadows (?).
That comm device looks so real it's uncanny.
I'd like to think that you chose to put the comm device on that side because this is the side (the right side) where she receives the calls that puts her into neverending danger.
No offense, but the only reason that I would be hesitant to buy a print is that I would feel judged or intimitated every time I'd look at it too long (she looks so real). Maybe a small one, eventually..: giggle :. 

Then again, I might overanalyse this too much, but that's what I tend to do with such beautiful work. Unfortunately, it comes as a reflex from my comics analysis and art appreciation class.Emote - Shy Wave 01 
Gosh, even the separation between the zero suit and her neck is awesome; you can almost judge the thickness of the (alien) material.
This must have taken you such a long time to do.
Nevertheless, a true masterpiece. Truthfull to Samus and to her fandom.
And yes, I know she's not real.:shakelaugh: 
Joe-Roberts Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Well thank you for taking the time to critique this. You make some interesting points, and I appreciate the feedback :)